Incredible Hulk, Review.

July 15, 2008

By Naveed Abbas



 Incredible Hulk is an amazing film. It has some good cliff-hangers, leaving the viewers in suspense. It’s about a guy called Bruce Banner who turns into a humongous green monster named Hulk every time he gets angry. Bruce Banner hunts to cure this problem. This poses a problem because the military want to capture and use Hulk as a weapon due to their failures in the recent years.
A dodgy soldier named Emily Blonsky is desperate to catch Hulk. He wants to face him on equal terms and this is where things start going all wrong.

Best bit

The best bit is when a Hulk-like creature fights The Hulk. It’s full of action with awesome GFX. I also like when Hulk tears the car into two pieces and uses the pieces as boxing gloves. The fights are action-packed and are set at a fast pace.

Another fun bit is when we really see Hulk for the first time at the University. He smashes all the tanks, the bullet bounce off him and missiles make him really angry. To be honest, in this film you’re just waiting to see Hulk get angry. The director cleverly builds up suspense and tension to keep us at the edge of our seats. It then fulfils our expectations by expressing Hulk in an explosive manner.
There are hardly any weak bits. It’s all pretty good. Maybe, it starts off a bit slow, but the rest is just too cool to watch.

I feel the director tries to represent Hulk in the ‘ugliest’ way possible. The director shows how angry Hulk can get smashing cars, in fact anything.
However, Louis Leterrier
sympathises with Hulk – making us feel sorry for the character. Hulk is a monster who doesn’t want to be the way he is – therefore he hunts for the cure. The military want him for wrong purposes and Hulk wants to get out of this trouble.    

The GFX, the action and Hulk itself makes the movie different from all other ones out there. It’s story is good but the way Louis Leterrier represents it to us is what makes it stand out. If you’re a teenager then I advise you to watch this film.




The film was released at the right time (very clever, that is) to make sure it attracts kids especially at the summer break. At the summer break, teens are free and that is when they plan to watch films. 





Overall, the film is about the right length and its full excitement. If you’re a teenager then you will like to see it – just make sure your heart rate doesn’t go too fast. The fight scenes are immense and the GFX (graphics) are ‘incredible’ just as Hulk. The film is a complete hit. Incredible Hulk promises a lot and a sequel is hoped to be made in near future.    










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