Comparing two promotional campaigns

July 16, 2008

Comparing two promotional campaigns


What are the objectives of the promotional campaign?

Both campaigns Spiderman and Monopoly seem to have similar objectives. Both campaigns are willing to earn money. But there is also a difference between the two campaigns. McDonalds want to sell their products and promote competitions and their prizes. However Spiderman campaign is slightly different from McDonalds, Spiderman campaign will not just try to promote their film but in addition they will also try to promote and sell their merchandise, posters and ticket to encourage people to watch this great film. Moreover, both campaigns want success and want to earn great amount of profit to get all their money back. Both campaigns want to attract people to get the best out of it. 

Who are the target markets?

Both of the campaigns seem to have different target markets. The target market for Spiderman 3 is anyone who is above twelve (12A). For people who are younger will have to be accompanied by an adult. However McDonalds Monopoly Campaign target markets those who are over 16 years old. They have to be teenagers or adults as it is illegal to gamble for those who are under 16. So as a result both campaigns target market people of different ages.

What promotional techniques will be used?

McDonalds and Spiderman campaigns use variety of techniques to promote their film or product. One of their techniques includes TV and website advertisement. McDonalds and Monopoly campaigns put Displays as it is another way of promoting their product or film. Posters are put onto the walls to attract people and this is what both campaigns do. However, there are many differences such as the Talk Shows of Spiderman 3 are held where they invite the starring stars in the show e.g. Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst etc. Spiderman campaign has also done some trailers to promote their film. In internet you can also get Spiderman wallpapers and screensavers as it is another way of promoting films but with McDonalds you can’t get screensavers or wallpapers.

What promotional materials will be used?

Promotional material used for Spiderman 3 and Monopoly campaign will be posters. Other displays will be in a prominent and well-known place where it will be easy to attract more people.  

However McDonalds campaign do packaging but the Spiderman campaign don’t. McDonald’s have reduced the amount of packaging to have less impact on the environment. They have also made their packaging in a monopoly style to promote their products and to attract more people. Their packaging has small sticker that are very easy to loose. McDonalds always seem to be improving their packaging.

How will the success of the campaign be monitored and evaluated?

Both campaigns will target to meet their objectives. If they are successful with this then they will be monitored and evaluated as great successors with great achievement. McDonalds will try to sell all their products in order to get money and with that profit they will introduce more products. However, Spiderman 3 campaign will try to get all their money back and make profit from all the efforts and special effects they have put in the film.    

If McDonalds get all their money back then they will hold this campaign again to earn money and get profit to introduce more products. McDonalds will also have a look at other McDonalds’ restaurants all over the UK in order to see if they are getting their money back. If not, then they will decide to add a different meal to the menu to get all their money back.

Evaluated success of the McDonalds will be taking away the cost of the campaign away from the profit. The money left over will be the total profit made from this campaign.

On the other hand McDonalds will also look at numbers of meals sold and if there is an increase in customers.

It will be monitored and evaluated with what they have achieved and whether they have been a success at what they were doing.

by Naveed ABBAS


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