July 16, 2008

Evaluate the appropriateness of the customer service provide by the organisation.


Services that meet the customer’s needs:

Drive Thru

The first area that I think meets the customer needs is Drive Thru. This is because it is very convenient and it allows customers to order their meal on the move. McDonalds make good business by this approach because customers can use this service to get the products quickly and it saves a lot of time. Customers do not have to park their car, get out and wait in the long queues because staff at McDonalds will serve their customers who pull up in their vehicle.

of Drive Thru are that it is not time consuming as the service is quick. This service is very useful for business people because they are always on the move, therefore they require quick service. Drive Thru clearly provides easy access for their customers.  Orders are taken and the meal is quickly provided through a window while the customers remain in their vehicle. Even though Drive Thru is quick, but it also has a few drawbacks. One example is those customers have to know what they are going to order. In a Drive Thru, customers will not be able to look at the menu therefore they will have to know what to order.

Another disadvantage is that some McDonalds (mostly in the High Streets) don’t have a Drive Thru. This is because there is no space. Overall, Drive Thru is very convenient because it can feed a lot of customers in less time. Drive Thru is a fast service and that is the reason why a lot of people use this service.  

Play Area
Second area that I think meets the customer’s needs is the children’s’ Play Area. Play Area keeps children occupied and puts parents at rest so that they can comfortably eat their meal. Play Area allows children to play and romp around. Play Areas have some sort of interactive activities for children. For example, they have wheels to spin and little mazes to play with etc. This makes eating out a more enjoyable experience for children. 

However a drawback is that not all McDonalds have Play Areas and this does not meet the customer’s needs. For this reason some McDonald’s restaurants are better than others.

Birthday Parties

McDonald’s run Birthday Parties for children. Parents can arrange the Party and the meal. Customers can order a cake or bring their own if they prefer. McDonalds offer a proper birthday area for children. When parents book a Birthday Party for their children then they will receive a welcome letter, a confirmation sheet with all the details of when and where the party being held and a food order pad etc. The party is usually held in a reserved area. The staff will also entertain to provide all the fun for children. They will also play games with children to keep all the children amused. The party usually last for one and a half hour and at the end of the party children receive a Ronald McDonalds gift box. This meets the needs of both the children and the parents. This is because children experience all the fun at their Party in McDonalds and Parent are put at rest. So overall, this is a very effective area.



McDonalds allow people to have free access to the Internet. They have installed Wi-Fi hotspots in the restaurant so people can go online anytime they want. This service is mainly targeted at students because they might not have access to the internet at home therefore they may use this facility. They can cheerfully pop in and surf through the internet. In my opinion, this is a very convenient service and it allows people to complete their work. In addition, it allows people to be connected with their friends, family and others. Furthermore, it allows people to check their e- mail and chat with friends while the kids have fun in the Play Area. However, a disadvantage of Wi-Fi Service is that you need a device that is Wi-Fi enabled (like a laptop or PDA) otherwise it wouldn’t connect. On the other hand, this service benefits business people who are on their lunch break and so they may want to surf through the internet service.

Staff Presentation


Staff spend a lot of time dealing with different customers and so they have to present themselves the best way possible to give a good impression of the company. It is not appropriate for staff to wear untidy clothes. This is because customers will get a bad impression of the company. Staff should be good representatives of the company.

Nearly all the staff at McDonalds have direct contact with the customers and it is important that the staff look presentable. Staff at McDonalds has to think about the way they dress to work. Staff at McDonalds has to dress the right way for a number of reasons. Staff at McDonalds is part of the company’s image in the uniform –their dress also has a logo printed. Another reason is that staff will be easy for the customers to identify because they will be wearing the same clothes. Staff at McDonalds should have no nail varnish because it can wear off when the food is being prepared and handled. Staff are also not allowed to wear jewellery because it can get tangled up. So the staff at McDonalds not only wear uniform for personal presentation but also for Health and Safety reasons. If the staff is not dressed appropriately then I would think that they cannot do their job properly. Staff Presentation is very important for customer’s satisfaction.  

Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene       

Customers will also look how clean the clothes of staff are. So McDonald’s staff is very cautious of cleanliness.  It would be useless for staff at McDonalds to wear a uniform that has stains on the trousers or tops. So clean clothes, clean hair, clean shoes will make a staff presentable. Hygiene of the staff is a legal requirement for health and safety reasons. Staff at McDonalds are also required wash their hands.


Staff at McDonalds are also required to use different gloves for different meal. For example, Staff use different gloves for cold and raw meat. If they don’t use different gloves then this may lead to cross- contamination. Cross Contamination is when bugs and bacteria spread between the food. It happens when people touch raw food and then touch other food. So staff should keep raw foods and other foods separate. Staff at McDonalds should also make sure that they have clean surfaces to avoid cross contamination. In addition, Staff with long hair should tie back their hair by wearing hair nets.          



Health and Safety

Cleanliness is a Health and Safety component. Staff should maintain McDonalds’ cleanliness. Staff are required to clean the floor and mess at the restaurant – staff are basically required to clean everywhere. For health and safety reasons while cleaning the floor they should have Wet Floor Signs. This is done to prevent people – especially children – from slipping on the floor. On the other hand, McDonalds are responsible for customer’s litter. There is a law about inside/outside rubbish. It states that a company (i.e. McDonalds) is responsible for packaging disposed as rubbish within a 100 metres radius and they will also receive a fine. However, people in the high street just dump their litter and this makes it difficult for McDonalds’s staff to collect all the rubbish.

Staff helpfulness and friendliness

Staff are also required to have a very good personality, attitude and behaviour. Personality basically means ‘having a distinctive character’. All of these different aspects are basically related with each other. This is because if a staff has a good personality then that will mean that they have a good attitude to work. In addition, it will also mean that their behaviour is good.


It is good for staff to be extrovert and also funny. Personally, I like those staff with a good sense of humour. I have met some staff at McDonalds who are very kind, friendly and cheerful. It is also good for staff to be confident so they can do their job. Personally, I feel more comfortable with staff who is confident and enthusiastic. Staff should also just get on with their job rather mourn about something. Staff should also get on their customers to meet their needs. So they should be adaptable with what they do as well as flexible.    

Furthermore, the staff at McDonalds is required to be truthful and honest. They should basically be more open to get along with customers.

Overall, the staff is required to have a distinctive personality. They should be likeable, outgoing and someone who is good to be around with. Customers feel more comfortable with the staff that is pleasant and caring. So customer service requires a good personality. In addition, staff must have a good attitude and behaviour towards their customers because can be a little sensitive to the way staff respond to them. If the staff does not meet the customer’s expectations then it will affect the way customers respond to them.









What areas of customer service are the most effective


My personal experiences at McDonalds

 Positive Experience

Some of the staff at my local McDonalds is great at customer service. The staff is quick and polite to me. They listen to me very carefully and always smile. One of the staff at my local McDonalds is extrovert and humorous. It is as if I and he are very good friends. I like staff that are chilled out and so this is my positive experience at McDonalds.

Halal products at Southall

In my opinion, the providence of Halal products at Southall McDonalds shows effective marketing. This is because this service attracts Muslims and it also meets their needs. Before, the meals that Muslims could buy were Fish or any other vegetarian product but now Muslim food lovers can come in and cheerfully eat Halal products at McDonalds. There were many requests from customers to McDonalds for Halal food and so McDonalds provided this service.  


Play Area at Norbury McDonalds

Play Area at Norbury McDonalds is great. This is because hyperactive kids have the opportunity to let their steam off while their parents eat. Play Areas have a lot of interactive things for kids such as crawl tubes with ball pits and slides.

This meets the needs of both Parents and the kids.


Internet Service (Wi–Fi) at McDonalds


I think the Internet Service at McDonalds is another area that is very affective for customers and this has also increased their publicity. McDonalds have basically installed Wi-Fi hot spots so that people – mainly business men – can use their laptops to log-on for free while eating. Customers can also use their Mobile Phones to go online. This service mainly meets the needs of business men and women. This is because it allows them to check their e-mails between meetings. Other people can also use this service to download songs in their laptop. In addition, they can also surf through the internet. Young people can come in and complete their coursework while eating. They can also use portable handheld devices like PSP and Nintendo DS to connect to the Wi-Fi. So overall, I think this is a great service as it allows people to connect to the internet while eating.       




Areas of Customer Service that can be improved:


My personal experiences at McDonalds


Negative Experience

However, in my own town sometimes the staff at McDonalds doesn’t look happy. They seem stressed out and it is as if they don’t take pride with what they are doing. On many occasions at McDonalds I have felt that staff are not really interested in serving me. So no matter how good the product that I bought was, I still went back as an unsatisfied customer. Some of my friends haven’t gone back since then – because of the poor customer service.

I think staff should attend me straight away in order to show that they really want to serve me. They should also express their interest in what I have to say. In addition, it is good to ignore distraction and to concentrate on me all the time. They should be more friendly and encouraging rather than depressed. They should also smile at all times because this will tell me that they are happy to serve me.

So overall, staff should be professionals at customer service and should also maintain their personal presentation.  

Halal Products in all McDonalds

I think the providence of Halal products in all McDonalds is an area of customer service that can be improved. Not all McDonalds have Halal products

and this is a facility that I am looking forward to. McDonalds can have a lot of benefits because it will attract a lot of customers – mainly Muslims. This means McDonalds will be more popular across the whole of UK.

On the other hand, McDonalds can also earn a lot of profit. From this profit they can make new and better products for customers.


Film Area for Children

On the other hand, McDonalds should also have a Film Area for children. This will be a place kids can watch films like Shrek 3, Lion King, Tarzan etc on a HD Plasma screen. To organise this facility I would recommend McDonalds to have a timetable of different films played at each day. This will enable parents to see what film would be available for them and their kids. This service and facility will meet the kid’s needs because they like watching films. The area will have colourful seats for children and their children. 


If this facility is further developed then McDonalds can decide to have different rooms for different films. It will be a good idea to watch different films in different rooms rather than waiting for the film that you want to be played in one room.

Kids can also eat food while they are watching films.


McDonalds Interactive Service

I think McDonalds should have an interactive service on the TV. This can be a service that customers can get when they buy Sky box.

It will allow customers to get latest information about McDonalds. In addition, this service will help viewers get to know about new products or discounts and promotion schemes in their area.
Naveed Abbas


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