Evaluative Commentary

July 16, 2008

I designed two different full page magazine adverts and one billboard advert. I worked in a group with Shravan. I had to decide on the size and the layout of my advert. I did this in the planning stages and mock ups. Firstly, I gave out questionnaires for people to fill in to get an idea of their taste and preferences. It was well designed to attract other people. I kept my questionnaires short (2 side of A4). I also used multiple choice and yes/no answers to make it easier to analyse data. I had to start off with easier questions (age, occupation etc) and I finished off with the ones that have to be thought about a little more. Statistically, I aimed to get around 23 completed questionnaires. In addition, I also conducted interviews with other people. I asked them to discuss their media consumptions with me. I decided to ask closed question and open questions at the end.

So the aim of my production was to target people in mid 20s. This is because I realised (from the results of my questionnaire) that people in mid 20s are most interested in perfumes. Firstly, I decided to have a powerful slogan because it is the heart of my message. I want to tell other people to buy my perfume because it will make them feel smart, elegant, intelligent and attractive – “Only certain people have it”. This suggests that the product is for ‘special’ people – so if you buy it then you will become part of the exclusive elite.  My second slogan for the magazine is simple yet powerful – “That’s the secret to life”. My third slogan for the billboard is – “Live life to the fullest.” Other slogans that I had thought of before were:

– Scentsational!
-The Scentamental Favourite!
-The Fragrance of Life   
-The Smell of Success

I decided to use a slogan to convey a message. This is because a precise and a well defined message are important to a good ad. If the objective isn’t right then everything that follows will be off as well.

My target audience are Male in mid 20s. My aim is to speak to high income earners therefore the language will have to be more sophisticated. Target audience is very important because it will decide how my message is conveyed.

I carried out a background research to get a better idea about the perfume adverts. This included perfume adverts on TV, magazines ads e.g. Silver Shadow – Altitude and Givenchy – Very Irresistible. 

Production Process
I developed a concept by underlying a creative idea to drive my message. In all my print ads (including mag and billboard), the concept is typically the same but the only way in which the concept is expressed is different (esp. in billboard). I took time developing a concept that’s strong.

My add is typically made up of a photograph and some writing (i.e. slogans and the perfume name). I used a professional image editing software called Photoshop from Adobe. It provided a large library of effects, filters and layers. I used it to “alter” my image to make it more attractive. Photoshop lets you do a range of creative things to photographs including replacing colours, cutting out shapes, adding texture, adding lighting effects etc. I removed blemishes and I decided to brighten up the photograph.

Before capturing the photo-shots, I decided to do some mock-ups to help me decide what my visual will be. After the final draft, I decided to pose towards the camera. Shravan was the camera-man and I was the model for the ad. Shravan used a Canon Digital Camera (4 megapixels).     

In addition, I also used Photoshop to edit the way my slogan appears on the ad. I kept it short, snappy and attractive because people don’t read long sentences. I feel my slogan is powerful therefore it will touch a lot of people, making them curious and making them think.
I then decided to draw all the elements together to explain what the perfume is. My objective was to write something that links with the photograph. For example “Be rich…Be successful”. This could link with a picture of me wearing a suit (formal clothing – smartly dressed) with dark glasses representing the elite ‘certain people’, creating an impression that only ‘special’ people have this perfume.

The problems I overcame during the production process were mostly when I was using Photoshop. The disadvantage of Photoshop is that it does not have a dictionary therefore it can a little confusing (especially when you are looking for a specific tool). However, I met my needs by getting used to the software and fiddling around with features.

I feel my ads are successful and very effective especially the magazine ones. I feel it attracted a mass audience. This is because I used simple yet powerful slogans which conveyed a strong message to my target audience. Many people liked and praised both of my Magazine Adverts. In fact, one of my target audience said – “I can’t believe that this advert has been done by boy who goes to a secondary school. To be honest, it seems very professional to me.”

However, next time I will avoid visual clutters from my adverts because less is always better than more. This would have helped me improve my advert therefore I would have got a better grade.

My billboard advert looks a bit chaotic therefore it would have been better if I wrote less. Another weakness in my Billboard advert is that it was unclear therefore it was not easily understood. Next time I will safeguard against this by doing some rough sketches of my visual for the billboard advert then I could have shown it around. If people were unclear about the message, then probably I will need to change it. So I will proofread my ad and give it to my friends to proofread it again, then I will proofread it again to make the billboard advert stand out.   
In conclusion, I learnt a lot from my assignment. I learnt that advertisers use different techniques (such as imperatives, slogans, bright colours and models) to attract their audience. But before targeting, advertisers often research (e.g. give out questionnaires to people in an area) to get an idea about what people like. This is the reason why I used a slogan and bright colours in my advert. I also acted as the model (wearing dark glasses and a formal suit) to attract other people. It will make them think that when they my perfume, they will be rich, smart and think ahead of their time.    



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