Facilities and Services

July 16, 2008


McDonalds have designed new leaflets that will include the menu and other information in all languages for example now days they will not only have information in English but also in French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese etc. McDonalds do this because they want customers from abroad who may not be able to speak English Language to order their food comfortably. It is very helpful to Non English customers therefore I think it meets their needs.  


McDonalds have symbols in packaging to ensure that Non English people understand what they are getting.
The Nutrition guide is also written in different languages to make sure Non English Speakers understand what they are buying. Nutrition Guide is very important as it tells the how much calories they need each day. This allows them to see and be aware of what is not healthy to their diet. McDonalds have provided this facility to show that they are aware of health risks. This helps them to gain good publicity and it helps to bring in more customers.

Special Needs and People with Specific Needs   
Automatic Doors

Some customers require special needs therefore they will need good customer service e.g. if a customer is in a wheelchair and is struggling to get through the swing door then staff have the responsibility to look at the situation and quickly react to it in order to offer help to the customer.

This situation tells us that Swing Door are not very helpful to customers who are in wheel chairs therefore it does not meet their needs. But the customer service provided does meet their needs as they are getting help.

Some McDonalds have now got Automatic Doors so that customers with specific needs won’t struggle to get through. This surely meets their needs however not all McDonalds have automatic doors which is not very convenient to customers with specific needs.

Swing Doors

Swing Doors are not good for customers who are in wheelchairs. People in Wheelchairs will have difficulty getting through therefore this does not meet their needs. McDonalds need to have Automatic Doors in all McDonald’s Restaurant.


Naveed Abbas


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