July 16, 2008


Menus allow the customer to see the prices of McDonald’s products. Menus also have some amazing pictures of the products that are available. The pictures are deliberately there to attract customers. This sometimes leads to tempting the customers to buy the product. Staff need to be very careful before putting out the menu on the display. They have to make sure that the prices are 100% correct. This is because customers will be upset if the wrong prices are put up as display. This is also gives a bad impression to the company and it may force the customer from not coming to McDonalds ever again. Staff have to be very cautious otherwise they may receive lots of complaint and they may end up getting fired. 

In addition, staff should make sure that the menu has a list of options for customers to choose from. The menu has to be organised, i.e. it has broken down into categories depending on the time of the day. This will make it easier for the customers to pick the products they want to buy.

Now days, Non English Speakers can just point to large pictures of meals to their food. This is very convenient for them because they difficulty in speaking English Language. In my opinion, I think this indeed meets the needs of customers.


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