Monopoly Campaign

July 16, 2008

Compare one of the organisation’s promotional campaigns with the promotional campaign of one other leisure and tourism organisation.

McDonald’s Monopoly Campaign



What are the objectives of the promotional campaign?

To sell certain types of product by holding competitions like monopoly. To make money and to get all their money back. McDonalds have three objectives for their campaign. The first, objective is to sell certain types of product e.g. Large Drinks, Large Fries, Chicken Select, Toasted Deli sandwiches and Premium Salads. The reason for this objective is to sell their unsold or well stocked products. Another objective is to make money. McDonalds do this by selling their products so they can get all their money back. So as a result, they make more profit and have a higher budget. Third objective is to attract customers to McDonalds.

2.     Who is the Target Market?

McDonalds Monopoly Campaign target markets those who are over 16 years old. They have to be teenagers or adults as it is illegal to gamble for those who are under 16.


3.     What promotional techniques will be used?

McDonalds uses variety of techniques to promote their product. One of the promotional techniques includes TV and website advertisement. They cleverly advertise this current competition to attract more customers. They do this by showing the top prize of a house or a Porsche at the beginning of the advertisement in both the TV and website adverts. This lets customers know that they can win these prizes that could change their life. Another way to promote their products is Displays. They make use of displays to announce new offers. They specifically advertise newly released products near tills. This is an incentive to encourage customers to buy that particular product. Also for this purpose posters are put on the wall or on windows to attract even more customers. They design the floor to make it look like a monopoly board. This is another technique of getting in more customers.


What promotional materials will be used?

 McDonald’s have reduced the amount of packaging to have less impact on the environment. Another reason for remaking their packaging like Drinking Cups and Fries Box was to design it as a monopoly promotional material. The material consists of very small stickers that are easy to loose. McDonalds are always looking to improve their materials of packaging.   


How will the success of the campaign be monitored and evaluated?

McDonalds has been a success in the past years and it still is. By managing to meet their objectives for example selling certain types of product, getting customers and as a result making more money helps them to be more successful. So if they sell more meals then they will make more profit. Finally, with that profit they will introduce additional products in the menu.




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