Production Stage

July 16, 2008

Production Stage:

To make an effective and powerful advert I will need to use an AIDA diagram.

AWARENESS This will make sure that my product is heard. I will need to use a good slogan – ‘Your perfume, your way’ or ‘It’s the secret of success’. In my advert I will also emphasize the bottle to attract my target audience. My target audience are people in their mid 20s. I can have the name of the perfume written twice (top and bottom), so that it sticks into the audience’s mind. My main priority is to attract the attention of the customer and encourage them to buy my perfume.
INTEREST It will capture their interest at some level. I’ll raise customer’s interest by demonstrating showing off my perfume in the best way possible.
DESIRE I will try to increase the likelihood of buying the perfume. I will try to convince customers; that they want and desire the perfume and it will satisfy their needs.
ACTION This will lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

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