Research Methods

July 16, 2008

Research Methods

Restaurant Location
Normally McDonalds is located everywhere near customers for greater convenience so that they can visit the restaurant whenever they desire to. Before locating a restaurant they research an area to target specific groups of customers. First, they research on the majority of customers in an area. For example there might be more kids and adults in an area. Therefore they develop a ‘Play-Area’ with different coloured seating which is an incentive to encourage kids and attract families.

However, if there were more teenagers in a particular area rather than kids then perhaps McDonalds will decide to build an Internet Café where teenagers may come along and cheerfully surf though the net. Furthermore, if there is no parking, McDonalds will decide to construct a car park or a Drive-Thru.

Breakfast Menu
In the mornings, McDonalds strive to have different meals and that is why they have introduced a Breakfast Menu. There are six different meals options to choose from which business customers had decided upon. This includes six OatSo Simple Porridges, bagels, fruit toast, muffins (both low fat) and Coffee.   

The Breakfast Menu has been introduced all across the UK as it’s more convenient for customers to grab something to eat in the morning on the move. Research by McDonalds shows people who work in mornings these days look for Breakfast. The Breakfast Menu now is very popular and well-liked by most customers. As a result, this goes to show what valuable steps and milestones McDonalds has included through target marketing and research.

There are major brand names on the Breakfast Menu e.g. Kenco Coffee, OatSo Simple and Tropicana Juice. Famous brand names catch customers’ eye as they have an idea of how good the products are made by that specific brand. A research showed Kenco Coffee was liked by two thirds of customers. In addition, the famous breakfast OatSo Simple had made its debut on the menu as it was UK’s leading breakfast. On the other hand, Tropicana also joined Breakfast Menu since it was seen as the most popular brand among customers. 

McDonalds are constantly launching new ranges of meals in the Breakfast Menu so customers can have a wider choice.

Mum’s Panel
Recently McDonalds have held a panel of ten selected mums from all over the UK to advice the restaurant on the menu and meal combination. This panel meets regularly to suggest which menu is best suited from children. They also suggest ways to help kids eat healthily and to enjoy it.

McDonalds have researched and developed a new packaging for McFlurry Lids. McDonalds have designed and developed smaller gaps for McFlurry. This is to stop Hedgehogs from getting in the container when people litter the lids.

Additionally, McDonalds display anti-littering note to stop people from littering, this is designed to keep the environment clean. McDonalds do this to promote their publicity and this goes to show that they very much care about the society and the environment.      


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