SWOT Analysis

July 16, 2008


  • Easy access to the restaurant to make it convenient for customers.
  • Drive-Thru to offer a quick service for customers.
  • Play-Area to keep children happy.
  • Internet Café for teenagers to surf through the net.
  • Cheap offerings for customers to afford.
  • Healthy Eating joins the menu to reduce obesity due to the fat content and calories
  • McDonalds have launched a Healthy Eating Option containing low fat and calories.
  • Yummy products!
  • Clean Toilets







  • Usually McDonalds is packed and there might be no space for other customers to sit and eat
  • Long queues can be very time-consuming
  • Some products are sort of expensive
  • Their foods seem to have a lot of fat and calories




  • New restaurants being built
  • New products joining the menu
  • More special offers to attract customers
  • There is internet access for people
  • There are lots of computers and play areas in McDonalds
  • McDonalds have been adding lots of products in their menu
  • They can add healthier food in the menu



  • Rival Organisations like Burger King, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizzas, Subway, KFC or even Kebab shops are a major threat
  • Customers blaming on the food as obesity is increasing

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