The 4Ps

July 16, 2008

Describe the 4P’s in relation to the selected organisation and show how they work together to meet the organisation’s objectives.




 McDonalds is not just about what they sell. The product is all about what the company spends its money on. McDonald spends their money on their own brand to uphold food standards, so people can identify and demand their brand wherever they go. They mainly concentrate on food to attract customers and make them buy meals. One of the most widely used examples is the ‘Happy Meal’ targeted on children offering food, soft drink and a free toy. Happy Meal has been a big hit and is most known product in McDonald. It is based on attracting children to develop children’s meal products that would promote McDonalds as a restaurant for families, specifically those with smaller children.

 McDonald’s has recently introduced a “healthy option” to the Happy Meal – children can now choose to have milk or a fruit juice drink instead of a soft drink, and bags of dried fruit (or a whole piece of fruit such as an apple, or carrot sticks) in place of fries. To make the trademark internationally recognizable, McDonald’s now uses the term “Happy Meal” in most countries. When customers purchase food from McDonald’s, the money goes towards the training staff to get faster service. The customer service is used for quick delivery.

 Keeping the restaurant and the environment clean and providing the customer the satisfaction for the money he/she spends. Another product is ‘Birthday-Party’ where once the product is purchased they will receive a ‘Party-Pack’ containing welcome letter, confirmation sheet with all the details of when and where the party is going to be held, 15 invitations with envelopes, food order pad to help customers pre-organise the children’s food, every child will get to choose their meal from the selection of a Hamburger, a Cheeseburger, 4 Chicken McNuggets, 2 chicken Selects or 3 Fish Fingers, with small fries or a Fruit Bag and small drink etc.

Children can also use the play area; this allows families to keep their children happy. Children can jump around, go on slides and have great fun. A regular feature of the play area is the McDonald’s clown ‘Ronald McDonalds’. Little children also have the advantage to sit on coloured small sized seats and table; this is really suitable for children who enjoy eating and having fun.   

 The seating area in all McDonalds encourages groups of friends or families to have a quick meal together. Students, young shoppers or families find it convenient to stop by McDonalds and have some fast-food.

Another product is the Drive-Thru. The drive-thru counter offers customers a quick service to buy snacks while they are behind the steering wheel. This service suits the drivers because it is convenient. The money customers spend on McDonald’s products can be modified to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.  




 McDonald’s is located where people can easily find it. Usually it is in retail centre near supermarkets, sport centres, shopping malls or even hospitals where customers can regularly access fast food. Usually their restaurant is conveniently located by private or public transport with good car parking space.



 McDonald’s try to give full value for its price. It makes special offers to attract customers; McDonalds at times do give out free cinema tickets so more profit is made to the restaurant. The prices are usually within the range for young buyers such as teenagers from secondary school or college. Many items have standard prices. McDonalds has a clear idea how to set the price of the product they market. The price gives an incentive to encourage more people to buy products. Each of the items would be charged individually, it would be more expensive. They have meal deals to keep prices down. Prices are also directly related to the size of the burger ranging from small to medium to large. At times there are saving schemes such as the Pound Saver Menu. This is an incentive to encourage students who usually have limited amount of money to spend.    





 McDonald’s have big budget to advertise and promote its product. They advertise it in numerous ways like on TV, magazines or even in banners in football matches or any sporting event. They also attract numerous customers – this is done by putting add-ons with a basic burger to include a drink, desert or salad or even toys. Sometimes they join hand with other companies e.g. Walt Disney to attract wider mass of customers. They do this for promotional purposes. McDonald’s market their own products depending on the seasons especially when occasions are taking place e.g. World Cup football. Usually McDonalds spend on maintaining and boosting the quality through good service. They try to get the best location possible to the maximum numbers of customers.





































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